Drug sourcing & supply chain

Clinical trial supplies & Logistics services

Our goal is to assure high quality customer support and provide integrated solutions which help sponsors produce optimal results in clinical trial projects. In cooperation with Neuca Group companies, we have valuable resources to support sponsors in the field of clinical trial logistics.

As sponsors are running increasingly complex trials, testing out new medicines around the world is becoming more and more demanding year after year. We are aware of the new challenges that drive us toward the future of clinical trial supply chain management.

Clinical Supply Solutions for Every Trial

The range of Neuca’s companies allows us to provide professional service in fields such as: acquisition of medicinal products, QP services, storage, packing, labeling and door-to door delivery. These services assure sponsors that supplies will arrive at the right time and place and within their budget. The clinical trial supply chain needs to be efficient, fast and cost-effective. Our experience and holistic approach make it possible to find the right solutions, even in highly complex clinical studies.

Comparator Sourcing

The experience of the one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland provides access to a global sourcing network.


Clinical supplies labeling is a vital step in the supply chain. It requires a higher level of oversight and management than commercial labeling in order to protect the blind aspect of the trial, as well as meet stringent regulatory controls.

Qualified Persons

Qualified Persons is responsible for certification and release of a series of investigated products in accordance with current European Parliament Directives and GMP requirements for investigated medicinal products. Widely known and respected, our QPs have experience across a wide range of product types.


We guarantee storage of tested medicinal products under controlled temperature conditions, within the framework of the order fulfillment.

Domestic and international transport

We guarantee distribution to the sites of tested medicinal products under controlled temperature conditions, within the framework of the order fulfillment.

Receiving and display

Return of the examined medicinal products and their disposal by appropriately qualified companies.

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