People outsourcing

The Outsourcing Department of Bioscience S.A. recruits staff and selects the right person with the qualifications and experience required by the client. We also negotiate and arrange the terms and time of service customer, we train the employees, and supervise to ensure the service is at the highest level. Outsourcing allows us to post workers in any sponsors in Poland and Europe.

How do we work?

Each company has different specifications, requirements and needs. Our offer is always carefully
prepared and adjusted to the needs of the Client. We have not only qualified employees, but also
a well-thought-out organizational structure, which means quick responses, flexibility and
full availability to the customer.

  • Sponsor’s inquiry

  • Presentation of the team

  • Sponsor’s acceptance

  • Signing the contract


  • Employing outside experts leads to more efficient usage of time.
  • This solution reduces the risks associated with finding and employing specialists on your own.
  • Outsourcing services allows you to focus your resources
    and management processes on your company’s core objectives.
  • The company increases the flexibility of its operations, and by saving time and human resources, performance is also improved.

Through cooperation with us, the customer receives a comprehensive service and the best specialists on the market.

Well made decisions are profitable
and lead to a stronger market position.

Contact us

Barbara Mazur

Head of outsourcing department

tel. +48 607 830 245

Natalia Ptok

Outsourcing specialist

tel. tel. +48 506 877 736

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