Non-interventional studies

Experience in non-interventional studies

After over 10 years of ongoing experience, we have managed to create our own base
of facilities. We have access to specialists from various therapeutic areas all over Poland.

  • We provide non-interventional research in many different medical fields, such as neurology, oncology, hematology, infectious diseases, diabetology and treatment of chronic pain
  • Over 500 researchers and over 3200 patients have participated in our research, and these figures are still increasing
  • We cooperate with the Polish Myeloma Consortium, for which we coordinate research sponsored by a Spanish company, as a part of non-interventional research
  • Results of our studies have been published as scientific articles
    and presented at international conferences during live speeches
  • We have managed non-interventional studies in pharmacies throughout Poland. We obtained 2000 contacts, signed 200 agreements with pharmacists, and as a result, 1300 patients participated in one study
  • We have established long-term cooperation with sponsors and, at the moment, we are performing a study with pharmacists in Germany and one of our previous partners.

Reaching many physicians and patients
in a short time

Contact us

Beata Maciejewska

Chief Operations Officer

tel. +48 602 146 500

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